OpenED Manitoba was founded in 2015 with one goal: to make higher education more accessible by reducing students’ costs through the use of openly licensed textbooks in Manitoba.

We advocate for the use of OERs in Manitoba post-secondary courses, providing support to faculty at any step of the open journey. Through a spirit of curiosity, flexibility and collaboration, we aim to be Manitoba’s go-to resource for all things open education.

Together, we envision a future for education that’s open for all, and we’re here to help.

The Manitoba Story

The Manitoba Open Education Initiative started in 2015 with a mandate to support 25 Open Educational Resource reviews by Manitoba faculty. Since then, that mandate has been exceeded, and we have helped faculty with OER adoptions, adaptations, creation, and research, offering our support along the way.

Manitoba students have saved more than $3.3 million to date as a result of OER adoptions.
Faculty have also undertaken OER adaptations to suit specific institutional, program, and regional needs.

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What We’re Doing to Support Open Education

What We’re Doing to Support Open Education

At OpenEd Manitoba, we strive to be flexible in our support for individuals on the open education journey.

Below are a few of the ways in which we can help you:

  • Researching OERs for your subject areas or specific interests
  • Support for OER adaptations to align with your institutional vision and academic goals
  • Advocacy and workshops to your administration, colleagues, or students
  • Annual events bringing together Manitoba’s open community to grow and learn together
  • Informative and celebratory digital content about all things open
  • Details about existing open education practices across North America
  • A $250 honorarium for faculty members to review an existing resource

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