If you want to take a broader look at what’s out there, we’ve put together some links to the leading OER collections in North America, for a wide range of resources to browse across subject areas and various levels of education.

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On this website we have a curated collection of open textbooks that, due to Campus Manitoba’s partnership with BCcampus, align with the top 40 highest enrolled 1st and 2nd year post-secondary subject areas in B.C. However, there are many other places to find open textbooks that are ready for adaptation or adoption. The following resources contain existing open textbooks and other teaching resources that have open licences and are free for educators to use and adapt.

OpenStax College
(Rice University)

This organization is based out of Rice University and is funded by a variety of foundation sponsors focused on the goal of free access to high-quality textbooks. Their website offers students free textbooks that are comprehensive, peer-reviewed, and prepared by professional content developers.

Lyryx Learning

Lyryx is a Canadian publisher supporting Open Educational Resources. Lyryx aims at a sustainable business model engaging authors of open textbooks to create products and services for higher education under their new “Lyryx with Open Texts” brand name. While the text is provided to students at no cost, a fair licence fee is charged for the use of their formative online assessment in exchange for user support, editorial services to adapt the content, and all other needed supplementary material.

Open Academics Textbook Catalog
(University of Minnesota)

The open textbook library, hosted by the University of Minnesota, is a tool designed to help faculty find affordable, high-quality textbook solutions for their courses. Their textbooks are organized by subject area to make browsing and searching as easy as possible for faculty and students.

Orange Grove Text
(Florida Virtual Campus)

Florida’s digital repository for instructional and Open Educational Resources helps instructors discover, contribute to, and import repository resources.

Milne Open Textbooks
(State University of New York)

The Milne Open Textbook project supports faculty-wide adoption of OER, and their textbooks are available for anyone to access, download, and reuse under the terms of open licences.

Global Text Project

Global Text Project gives you free access to learning materials from Alison, one of the world’s largest free learning platforms for education and skills training.

Open Stax Connexions
(Rice University)

This digital commons is a project of Open Stax College designed to encourage and facilitate the sharing and reuse of Open Educational Resources. The tools make it easy for instructors to reuse, adapt, and remix educational content.

(California State University System)

The MERLOT collection contains thousands of discipline-specific learning materials, exercises, and web pages all intended to enhance the teaching experience of using learning resources. Each resource is reviewed for suitability to the collection, and many learning materials undergo a more extensive peer review process. Their collection includes open textbooks.

OER Commons
(Institute for the Study of Knowledge Management in Education)

If you’re looking for a repository that includes open educational resources beyond textbooks, OER Commons is it. This website includes a dynamic digital library and network of educational resources and educators committed to expanding the educational commons and making it easy for everyone to find teaching and learning resources.

OER Degrees
(Lumen Learning)

A website that helps instructors locate OER that support specific degrees, including General Studies, Business Administration, Science, and Social Science. They also showcase colleges in the United States that have successfully developed OER-based degree programs. This website also features a curated selection of research on OER effectiveness for learning.