No Matter Where You’re Coming From, There’s a Pathway to Open Education
For You.

Find & Adopt

Search some OER collections to find resources that could fit your post-secondary courses, and then layer them into your Learning Management System (LMS), faculty webpage, or distribute them to students digitally.

Review & Register

Consider reviewing a resource to help other faculty members determine if it could meet their course requirements. If you’ve incorporated any kind of OER into your own teaching and learning activities, or know of someone who has, please consider letting us know!

Customize & Create

Whether it’s a small change or a major overhaul, we can help you through the OER adaptation and creation processes. Get in touch with us today for tips on kicking off this ambitious and worthwhile project.

Use an Open Textbook

If you think an open resource would be a good fit in your courses, it’s time to make it official. With one click, you can download the resource from the web into your Learning Management System or faculty webpage, where students can have immediate access. You can also email it out as an attachment or direct students to the URL.

Need some help? We’re here for you.

Adapt a Textbook

From a small tweak to a full-scale overhaul of a textbook or a smaller resource, we’re here to help you through it. Reach out to us to get started on an adaptation and to customize an OER to the exact needs of your subject area, course requirements, student interests, or region.

Tell Us You’re Using an Open Textbook

If you’ve used an OER 1 or 100 times, you are a champion who deserves recognition. Consider looping us in on how you’ve been increasing access to education, and we’ll give you some much-deserved kudos.

Review a Textbook

We’re offering a $250 honorarium to Manitoba faculty members who complete a review of any textbook in our collection to a maximum of 2 reviews per faculty member.

Textbook reviews are an important part of ensuring that OERs stay as relevant and contemporary as possible. It also helps prospective users of OERs to scope whether or not they’d be a good fit in particular subject areas or programs.

It takes a little time, but it makes a big impact. Please consider submitting your application to review an OER today.

Advocate for Open Textbooks

Want to share your passion for open education with others in your communities?
Here are two ways you can advocate for open textbooks:


The number one.

Host an informational session for colleagues, departments, administrations, student unions, and other interested parties.

The number 2

Read and share digital content that we’ve written and curated about open in Manitoba.

We enjoy collaborating with passionate open champions. If you want to share your open story with us, reach out – we’d love to connect and to help you spread your open success story.