Target subject areas

Campus Manitoba has partnered with BCcampus to develop this website using existing open textbooks from the BCcampus curated collection. Before launching their website, BCcampus determined 2 broad target areas for the BC Open Textbook Collection. The first is the top 40 most highly enrolled first and second year subject areas. The second is Trades, Technology and Skills Training. These are the same targeted subject areas in our collection.

Top 40 Subject Areas

Subject areas that we have textbooks for in our collection are linked below. We have also indicated if the textbook was created by and/or if it has been reviewed by BC faculty. We will be updating this list soon to indicate which subject areas have been reviewed and/or adopted by Manitoba faculty.

  1. Year 1 Accounting
  2. Year 2 Accounting (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  3. Year 1 Anthropology
  4. Year 1 Applied Science
  5. Year 2 Applied Science
  6. Year 1 Biology (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  7. Year 2 Biology (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  8. Year 1 Business, Business Admin & Management (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  9. Year 1 Business Info Systems/Business Computer Systems/Business Info Tech (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  10. Year 1 Chemistry (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  11. Year 2 Chemistry (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  12. Year 2 Commerce
  13. Year 1 Communications (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  14. Year 2 Communications (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  15. Year 1 Computer Science (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  16. Year 1 Criminology
  17. Year 1 Earth, Ocean, & Atmospheric Science (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  18. Year 1 Economics (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  19. Year 2 Economics (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  20. Year 1 English (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  21. Year 2 English (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  22. Year 1 French
  23. Year 1 Geography (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  24. Year 1 History
  25. Year 1 Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
  26. Year 2 Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
  27. Year 1 Kinetics/Kinesiology (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  28. Year 1 Marketing (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  29. Year 1 Math & Stats (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  30. Year 2 Math & Stats (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  31. Year 1 Philosophy (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  32. Year 1 Physics and Astronomy (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  33. Year 1 Psychology (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  34. Year 2 Psychology (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  35. Year 1 Political Science (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  36. Year 2 Political Science (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  37. Year 1 Sociology (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  38. Year 2 Sociology (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  39. Year 1 Visual Arts, Media & Design (BC Faculty Reviewed)
  40. Year 2 Visual Arts, Media & Design (BC Faculty Reviewed)

Trades, Technology and Skills Training

In the second target area of Trades, Technology and Skills Training, the following areas have been identified by BC as priority funding areas for the open textbook project.

  1. High volume/strategic foundational trades including career pathway programs and programs that cross multiple trades training programs (e.g., workplace safety);
  2. Oil and Gas courses and programs focused on supporting the Natural Gas industry;
  3. Tourism/Hospitality programs;
  4. Adult Basic Education essential skills for trades and technical programs as well as programs focused on upgrading and job-readiness;
  5. Mining related programs;
  6. Healthcare programs (e.g., Health Care Assistant, Practical Nursing and Registered Nursing).