Use Open Licences

Open licences speak to the range of possibilities for the way a resource can be used across the academic community. Take a look at the different types of licences to see what might work best for your work.

Ultimately, choosing a licence depends on your preference for how others can build on your work down the road, whether that’s through sharing it with students, adapting it for a particular course, or some other use.

No matter which licence you choose, you will always receive credit for your work.


Create an Open Textbook

Looking to create your own OER? Great news! We can assist you on your journey of starting an OER from scratch. Check out this great resource from the Worcester Polytechnic Institute for a starting point, and get in touch with us with any questions along the way.


Open Education Tips and Tools

At OpenED Manitoba, we’re always looking for helpful tips and tools from across the open community we can share to help guide you on your journey. We regularly update our resources and feature curated content on our social channels.

We’re also actively engaging in learning and professional development with open education champions to bring the best information and support to Manitoba.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? We might have the answer, or we’ll at least help you find it.