Creative Commons

Creative Commons (CC) is a non-profit organization that provides legal tools for content creators to make their works available under open licenses. By providing an easy way to license, share, and attribute works, this organization is central to open educational resources. All open textbooks in this collection have a Creative Commons license, and each textbook cover page indicates the terms of its license. The following resources and tools are useful for those interested in  learning more about creating, using, and sharing openly-licensed materials.

Creative Commons Wiki

  • This wiki serves as a centralized hub for current and comprehensive information about Creative Commons licenses and the best practices for using and attributing content with open licenses.

Create and Choose a License (Creative Commons)

  • This simple tool lets you create a custom license for your work based on the terms you want for the content.

Open Attribute Builder (Open Washington)

  • This web tool provides an easy way to build an attribution for any work that has a Creative Commons license. It helps users comply with the attribution requirement of any work licensed under CC-BY.

License Generator

  • When combining or “remixing” works with open licenses, you need to generate a new license for your work that complies with the terms of the original licenses. Use this tool to simplify that process.

CC Search (Creative Commons)

  • Creative Commons has developed an easy way to search the most popular search engines for openly licensed online works. You can also use this tool to limit your search even further to specific kinds of Creative Commons licenses. The search engines available on this website include Flickr, Google, Wikimedia Commons, YouTube, and Soundcloud. Looking for a similar tool for open educational resources? These catalogues are a good place to start.

Who Uses CC? (Creative Commons)

  • Creative Commons has compiled a list of well-known users who have enhanced their platforms by using CC licenses.

Creative Commons Licenses for Non-Profit Organizations (BCcampus)

  • This short video, by our friends at BCcampus, explains the benefits of using Creative Commons licenses for non-profit organizations.