Campus Manitoba and the Manitoba Open Education Initiative have established a PressbooksEDU network for Campus Manitoba’s partner institutions to customize and create open educational resources (OER).

Our 2022-2023 PressbooksEDU Network is ready to support a new round of subject matter experts. If you are interested in creating or customizing an open educational resource check out our call for proposals and the $2000 OER development grant today:

What is Pressbooks?

Pressbooks is a Canadian company that supports new, contemporary, and accessible models for book publishing, with an emphasis on helping make educational resources more accessible to all. Through a range of different Pressbooks instances, authors from all walks of life – including academia – can more easily adapt or create teaching and learning materials under the full range of Creative Commons licences.

As a content management system for digital books, Pressbooks is used by several educational institutions and organizations to write, edit, publish, and manage open textbooks in flexible digital formats, including those that are compatible with ebook readers and the web.

Several of the textbooks in BCcampus’s Open Textbook Collection are created and managed through Pressbooks. An example of Pressbooks in action can be seen at Canadian History: Post-Confederation.

From Pressbooks

Using PressbooksEDU, educators can create books that are accessible on all platforms: in print, and on all smartphones, tablets, Kindles and computers. In addition to supporting open textbooks and Open Educational Resources projects, Pressbooks is already working in academia, by powering the publication of scholarly monographs, course texts, dissertations and other documents. Pressbooks clients include The University of Minnesota Press, Tufts University School of Medicine, Michigan Publishing at the University of Michigan Library, Harvard Business Review Press and Fortress Press.

Organizations Using Pressbooks

As highlighted on the Pressbooks website, here are a few educational institutions that are using Pressbooks to provide alternative publishing solutions:



Fortress Press

Michigan Publishing (at the University of Michigan)

Tufts University School of Medicine

University of Minnesota Press