Webinars and Events

Campus Manitoba hosted two webinars to introduce open textbooks to members of the Manitoba post-secondary community. Lauri Aesoph and Clint Lalonde, Managers of Open Education at BCcampus, provided overviews of open textbooks and more specific information about the open textbook review process for Manitoba faculty. The recordings of each session and the slides can be found below. More resources about open textbooks and OER can be found under Resources. Upcoming presentations and webinars will be listed on this page when they are organized.

We also present to faculty and staff at our partner universities and colleges. The slides for those presentations are linked below. If you’d like to hear about our work with open textbooks at your campus or organization, get in touch with us!

Clint Lalonde – Working Together for Students: BC and Manitoba Open Textbook Collaboration [Vimeo] [Slides Only]

Campus Manitoba – Presentation at the University of Winnipeg [SlideShare]